ESI symposium 2019

ESI symposium 2019

Intelligence, the next challenge in system complexity?

Date: April 9, 2019: 09h00-18h00
Venue: Auditorium TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven NL
Costs: free of charge
Registration: register here

High-tech systems are integrating more and more intelligence, which increases engineering complexity. At the 2019 ESI Symposium we will discuss the challenges this presents and initial directions for managing, and coping with, the growing complexity.

We would like to invite you to join the symposium. The event features a varied program with interactive sessions inspired by contributions from industrial and academic speakers. Moreover, there will be plenty of networking opportunities on the innovation market. Please register now.

We look forward to seeing you.

Wouter Leibbrandt and Frans Beenker

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Latest news

RERS 2019 challenge

The Transposition project (ESI/ASML) works on model inference. Interface protocols are inferred to support re-engineering of legacy components. To obtain the best performing techniques to infer behavioral models, ESI and ASML co-organize the RERS 2019 challenge, in collaboration with TU Dortmund and the Radboud University. Contestants can submit their solutions until March 22.

Using Digital Twins to Create and Manage Complex Distributed Control Systems

Modern smart systems are incredibly complicated. Building a digital twin of the system allows engineers to ensure that it works correctly and root out many problems before it is installed. Publication in ERCIM news by Jacques Verriet, Jack Sleuters and Richard Doornbos ESI (TNO)

OpenAIS - integrating lighting into the Internet of Things

OpenAIS project completed after successful validation of IPv6 based lighting controls. ESI was one of the partners in this project.

SECREDAS Europe invests EURO 50 million in Secure and Safe Automated Systems

69 partners working together to develop future technologies focused on security, safety and privacy across multiple application domains

TNO as an employer

TNO offers you the chance to do groundbreaking work and help customers with innovative, practical and smart solutions. And all that with an attractive benefits package.

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Vacancies at ESI

Student assignments

- Graduation project: Transfer learning in Bayesian belief networks pdf

- Graduation project: Interactive model structure learning in high-tech systems pdf

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