High-tech embedded systems impact almost every aspect of our lives: how we work, live and communicate. They are at the heart of many innovative products and applications and represent one of the fastest growing global markets. New products and services based on embedded systems technology emerge every day, making state-of-the-art design and engineering competencies a key competitive discriminator. It is here that TNO-ESI comes in, partnering with industry and academia in the development and deployment of strategic knowledge and capabilities for design and engineering of complex high-tech systems.

Embedded Systems Innovation by TNO

Embedded Systems Innovation by TNO (TNO-ESI) collaborates in an open innovation structure with a wide range of industrial and academic partners, helping our partners staying ahead of the innovation curve and lead innovations in embedded systems technology.

Being part of TNO, and with more than ten years of cooperative effort, we provide a unique hub for cooperative research and innovation support.

TNO-ESI Symposium 2014

Tuesday 16 September, Auditorium TU/e. Programme: click here

Competence development

Programmes well aligned to specific innovation needs of a company. Read more
Innovation focus

At TNO-ESI we focus on 4 programme lines: system performance, system quality & reliability, future-proof systems and systems in context. These are supported by in-depth knowledge and expertise in our key areas of competence being system architecting, system design, system integration & test and model-based engineering. Read more


To address strategic research questions, TNO-ESI cooperates with a wide variety of innovative high-tech companies and leading academic research groups. By integrating academic insight with industrial application, breakthrough innovations in design and engineering of high-tech embedded systems and applications are created. Read more

Innovation support

TNO-ESI's innovation support activities incorporate a leading competence development programme and specialised innovation support services for companies. And to ensure know-how and expertise is shared among a wide audience, we also coordinate a variety of open-innovation network activities. Read more

TNO-ESI Calendar

Dec/16/2014 - Course software architecture

16 - 19 December 2014. In this 4-day course the software architecture discipline is approached from three primary points of view: architecture, architecting and architects. Registration is open. Read more

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TNO-ESI News highlights

TNO-ESI has moved

We have moved to the TNO building located on the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology. Read more

NEW: Software architect competence development programme

TNO-ESI has developed a new education programme intended for software architects in the high-tech (embedded systems) industry, to advance their software architecture craftmanship skills. Read more

TNO-ESI partner in Thales' Top Class System Architecting

TNO-ESI is one of the key-partners in the Top Class system architecting programme of Thales Nederland. Read more


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