TRACE Getting started

The TRACE tool is available as a plugin for the Eclipse IDE through the update site repository. Once the TRACE plugins are installed, the Eclipse Help menu contains a section on TRACE. It describes the input format of TRACE and contains an explanation of the visualization and analysis features. Below are instructions to install TRACE from scratch.

⦁ Download an Eclipse IDE, e.g.
⦁ Unzip the IDE, e.g., to the directory “TRACE”
⦁ Start the Eclipse IDE via “TRACE /eclipse/eclipse.exe”
⦁ Select a workspace directory: Use the browse button and create a directory “TRACE/workspace”.
⦁ (Uncheck the checkbox in the lower-right corner of the “welcome” tab and close it)

⦁ Install the TRACE plugin and the Streaming DSL plugin

⦁ Select “Help -> Install New Software”
⦁ Click “Add” and put a name (“TRACE update site”) and location:
⦁ Click “OK” and check that the window now shows the TRACE and the TRACE StreamDSL features
⦁ Select these features and click “Next”
⦁ Complete the remaining steps of the installation process (including acceptance of the license agreement and a restart of the Eclipse IDE)

⦁ Download the “” file from
⦁ Unzip this file in the “TRACE” directory
⦁ In Eclipse: right-click the “Package Explorer” view (left hand side of window) and select “New -> Project”

⦁ Select “General -> Project” and click “Next”
⦁ Choose a project name, e.g., “TRACE examples”, uncheck the “use default location” option, and use the browse button to select the directory with the unzipped contents. Finally, click “Finish”.
⦁ Verify that the “Package Explorer” view now shows the contents of the file. Double-click “reference.etf” and check whether a Gantt-chart view is shown. If this is the case, then installation has been successful.

What is new in version 0.6.4

  • Feature: Add throughput analysis
  • Feature: Improved reporting of parsing errors
  • Bug: Prevent error if resource analysis is done for a resource that is not used

What is new in version 0.6.3

  • Bug: Prevent clearing internal data structures of trace when the workspace changes
  • Feature: Allow scientific notation in MTL time intervals
  • Feature: Add DSL for specification of trace properties for streaming applications


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