Product Security for Cross domain Reliable Dependable Automated Systems

Fully autonomous vehicles and robotic surgery machines have enormous potential to change society. However, the combination of safety, security and privacy of connected and automated systems is still a concern in multiple application domains for many consumers in Europe. As the trust to adopt these technologies is not yet here for many potential users, the industry and research communities need to work on an answer to ensure that these concerns are no longer roadblocks for further evolution in the transport and medical sectors.

The high-level goal of SECREDAS is to develop software for validating architecting methodologies, reference architectures, components and suitable integration, as well as verification approaches for automated systems in different domains. These will combine high security and privacy protection while preserving functional-safety and operational performance. SECREDAS will take a first important step to developing and enhancing trustworthiness, particularly for the future European transportation and medical industries. This will help to make connected and automated vehicles a reality, and ensure that European Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) remain competitive and can maintain their world leading position. In addition, SECREDAS addresses cross-domain cybersecurity and safety related technologies in the areas of automated systems in the medical, railway & aerospace sectors, as well as support cross-domain actions.

Within SECREDAS, a number of relevant user scenarios with specific requirements of safety, security and privacy will be studied in detail. Together with current state-of-the-art reference architectures, the user scenarios will lead to a next generation of reference architectures and common elements for multiple application domains, supported by tooling incorporating design and development methodologies. On top of common generic elements to safeguard safety, security & privacy, a number of domain-specific solutions will be designed. With the inclusion of the automotive sector in particular, and the addition of the medical, railway and aerospace spin-outs, SECREDAS will enable a wide application of its results.


SECREDAS brings together a consortium with 69 partners from 15 different countries, covering the whole automotive value chain (OEMs, TIER1’s, TIER2’s), key players in the medical area, a number of players in other transport domains (railways, aerospace) and key research institutes in order to tackle the objectives in a balanced way between generic common offerings and domain-specific solutions.

The work packages of SECREDAS are shown in the picture below.
In the project ESI (TNO) is cooperating with other TNO departments (ISV and CSR).
ESI (TNO)’s involvement is in different work packages The focus of ESI is on WP2, WP3 and WP6. ESI is leader for the “Reference Architecture” in WP2.

Secredas - work package

Research Results

ESI (TNO)’s overall objective of the SECREDAS project is to develop and evaluate reference architecting tools for cooperative and automotive driving and health monitoring applications to avoid technologically hacking of a car and personal health devices considering the various numbers of systems it will be connected to.


Industrial partners
  • NXP
  • Philips
Research partners
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Radboud University Nijmegen
  • IMEC
Consortium leader
ESI project leader

Patrick Pype

Ronald Begeer

SECREDAS is an ECSEL project Ecsel logo
Project status
Duration May 2018-May 2021
Funding Ecsel

Frans Beenker

Business Director
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