Platform-based design for high performance mechatronic systems

The PhD thesis of Raymond Frijns presents the development of a new platform and design methodology that respond to the strict real-time requirements of extreme high-performance servo control systems.

Platform-based design

Raymond’s research focussed on the design phase of digital servo controllers for complex mechatronics systems, in particular wafer scanners. These systems have very strict real-time requirements for the computational  tasks that control the movement of critical parts of the machine.

It is expected that for the next generation mechatronic systems these computational tasks will be significantly more complex, while at the same time their timing requirements will be tightened. The goal of Raymond’s research was to develop a new multi-processor platform and design methodology that can both deal with the increased complexity and timing demands.

Model-based design trajectory

The new platform is designed specifically for extreme high-performance servo control systems. It is highly configurable and can therefore adequately serve different classes of control applications. By following a model-based design trajectory, alternative platform configurations are explored for each class of control applications. When a suitable platform configuration has been determined, the same models are used to automatically generate the implementation while guaranteeing  the analysed performance.

Meeting timing constraints

The applicability was demonstrated in a realistic case-study, in which two complex motion controllers of a lithography machine are mapped to  a multi-processor platform. The outcome shows that with the presented design methodology, an economic solution that is able to meet the timing constraints of the next generation of servo control applications can be obtained.

The research was conducted as part of the TNO-ESI research programme in CARM2G

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