PDEng degree for TNO-ESI scientist Fangyi Shi

Fangyi Shi received her PDEng degree (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) from the Technological Designer's programme Software Technology at 3TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute in Eindhoven.

Fangyi completed her assignment at TNO-ESI, entitled ‘Coherent Tool Support for Design Space Exploration’. It aimed at integrating the tools to support the analysis and documentation of design choices. Her design contributes to coordinating the different tools in the process and execution of ways to visualize and simulate different design alternatives.

Chinese Fangyi (27) gained her Bachelor’s at Beijing University of Technology and her Master’s at the Technical University of Denmark. She works as a scientist at TNO-ESI since 1 October 2014.

Dr.ir. Bart Theelen of Embedded Systems Innovation by TNO: “Thanks to Fangyi, a much improved version of our tool for visualizing performance results is released. Fangyi also contributed significantly to a new tool for defining and executing design-space exploration experiments by loosely coupling our existing tools, which provided a solid basis for sophisticated demonstrators to our industrial partners. We are very pleased that Fangyi stays with us as an expert on our software tools.”

3,500th PDEng degree

Fangyi was officially honoured by Rector Magnificus Hans van Duijn of Eindhoven University of Technology. She is the 3,500th recipient of the PDEng degree since its introduction. The three universities of technology in the Netherlands – Delft, Eindhoven and Twente – started the PDEng programmes in 1986 to answer the need from industry for broadly educated knowledge workers. Van Duijn pointed out that the programme has accounted for a € 350 million investment in innovation over a 30-year period.

PDEng degree Fangyi

Fangyi surrounded by her TNO-ESI colleagues

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“Continuous innovation in methodologies, system architecture thinking and cross-disciplinary ways of working to master the ever increasing complexity are crucial to maintain and extend Europe’s and Dutch competitiveness in this strategic domain.”

Coherent Tool Support for Design-Space Exploration

Contributions from TNO-ESI research projects have resulted in three generic tools:

  • Design Framework

These tools are actively being professionalized to improve industrial applicability. One goal of this assignment was to extend TRACE with two features: multiple Gantt Charts comparison and design-space visualization. Another goal was to demonstrate cooperation between the three tools as an integrated environment for design-space exploration. The integrated environment, called Exploration Experiment (EE), required a user interface to define experiments by specifying a sequence of a model and executors. It also aimed for a stable environment to execute well-defined experiments.

The solution of extending TRACE in a structured way was to apply the Model-View-Controller architecture pattern. The key solution of developing EE for integrating the TNO-ESI tools was to develop a web application for defining experiments and a desktop running server for executing experiments. Additionally, a generic and extendable architecture for EE was addressed.


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