OOTIs graduated at ESI

Roshan Kotian and Martin Palatnik, both PDEng trainees in the Software Technology programme (formerly OOTI) at 3TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute in Eindhoven, took the challenge to execute their final projects at ESI. Roshan participated in the Poseidon project, whereas Martin joined forces with the Octo+ Design Framework project team.

Prototype simulation system

The challenge for Roshan was to improve the flexibility of the prototype simulation system on maritime safety and security, a result of the Poseidon project. Roshan’s work concentrated on two aspects. 1) How to combine the available realistic data with domain knowledge and data gathered with artificial data generation techniques in order to obtain as-realistic-as-possible data, quickly and at low costs. 2) How to design a simulator that causes a system to be stimulated exactly the same, over and over again?

Design Framework tool

Martin’s assignment was to customise the Design Framework tool to fit the way of working of Océ architects and Océ specific processes. The assignment was geared towards adding automatic view generation and tool integration into the current prototype. The broad network of different stakeholders, the exact functionality of the tool, as well as the tool’s realisation, all of these factors were quite entangled and nontrivial.

Both assignments largely covered all aspects OOTI trainees have to master in their final project. For ESI these kind of projects are important to implement tooling that reflects the research done at the methodical aspects of development processes.

Roshan was supervised by ESI research fellow Pierre van de Laar and Martin’s supervisor was research fellow Roelof Hamberg. Both trainees were successful in completing their assignments at ESI. They will receive their certificate (PDEng – Professional Doctorate in Engineering – degree) on Thursday 4 October 2012.

We thank Roshan and Martin for their efforts and wish them all the best for their future careers.

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Director Science and Operations
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