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Stop building physical prototypes, start model-based product development

Lars Idema, Océ-Technologies presented a keynote lecture at the High Tech Systems 2017 conference organised by Mikrocentrum, Eindhoven.
"We need multi-aspect modeling for product development. Physical prototypes are essential but virtual prototypes will make the difference".
Link to the presentation and document

Based on his lecture an article appeared in "Mechatronica & Machinebouw" June 2017 titled: "Jongleren met specs " referring to TNO-ESIs method and tool the so-called Design Framework. 
Read the article here (Dutch).

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Oce printer simulation

Océ happyflow paperpath simulation

TNO-ESI werkt samen met Océ aan het Design Framework, een aanpak en tool die ontwikkelaars structuur moet geven en de consistentie bewaakt. (Bron: Mechatronica & Machinebouw).

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