Innovating in and around legacy code

Interview with John Koster/ASML in Bits & Chips - referring to the TNO-ESI project. "Legacy code is no excuse; you have to travel with the tide of innovation".

Innovating in an environment with forty-five million lines of old and new code is no sinecure. John Koster describes how ASML handles the challenge in developing the software for its wafer scanners. We're truly breaking new ground in model-driven engineering". 

... "Our major topic of conversation is model driven engineering. We share our knowledge and progress, learn from each other and develop a shared vision of how we can move regional MDE to the next level in order to further ramp up the seed of innovation. It's gaining momentum I think we're truly breaking new ground."

Read the whole article in Bits & Chips no 9 2016 (no link)

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“Continuous innovation in methodologies, system architecture thinking and cross-disciplinary ways of working to master the ever increasing complexity are crucial to maintain and extend Europe’s and Dutch competitiveness in this strategic domain.”