Are you a complexitect?


We need Complexitects!

Intense competition, an ongoing battle for talent, new technologies, shifting business models; the high-tech industry faces many extrinsic challenges. A major challenge however, comes from the inside: how to manage (and make good use of) the ever-increasing complexity?
High-tech companies need to develop professionals that are able to look and think beyond the borders of a discipline, department or even the company itself. As a trusted partner in an open innovation eco-system, ESI supports companies with the development and deployment of strategic knowledge for design and engineering of complex high-tech systems and applications. Moreover, we have a range of activities to accelerate the competence development of talented engineers.

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Wouter Leibbrandt

Director Science and Operations
+31 88 866 55 60

“Continuous innovation in methodologies, system architecture thinking and cross-disciplinary ways of working to master the ever increasing complexity are crucial to maintain and extend Europe’s and Dutch competitiveness in this strategic domain.”