ESI (TNO) colloquium

Artificial Intelligence: the machine learning revolution.

Over the last 10 years, artificial intelligence has been revolutionarized by deep learning and modern computer architectures.

In this talk I will present an overview of some of the activities in this field. I will then focus on the control problem: how a robot can learn to compute actions for complex tasks and how neural networks can help here. Subsequently, I will describe an application of Bayesian networks to the forensic problem of missing persons identification based on DNA matching. Finally I will discuss the problems of energy use by modern computer systems. Here also we can learn from the brain since it is much more energy efficient. I will outline some current research to build neural circuits at atomic level. 

Prof.Dr. Bert Kappen

Lecturer: Prof.Dr. Bert Kappen, Radboud University more info

Date: Monday March 18, 2019. 15h00-17h00
Venue: ESI (TNO), High Tech Campus 25, Eindhoven (NL) - Room 2.545
Registration: please contact our secretariat

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