TNO-ESI symposium 2017

Managing complexity

in embedded systems engineering

ESI symposium 2017

Keynote: Complex to complicated – An appropriate and timeless (partial) evolution,
Dinesh Verma, Stevens Institute of Technology, SERC 


Keynote: Embracing complexity in the system challenge,
Paul Hilkens, Océ-Technologies


Opening and welcome

Frans Beenker and Wouter Leibbrandt: opening

S1 The fuzzy front end of product development

S2 Security: impact on connected systems


S3 Open source software for product development

S4 System architecting of complex systems


S5 Interplay of data and knowledge in system analysis

  • Chair and introduction: Robert Jan van Wijk (ASML): Interplay of data and knowledge in system analysis
  • Michael Borth (ESI): Data and knowledge -  intelligent fusion with system models. When Big Data does not come to the rescue of smart systems
  • Peter Mas (Siemens): Deep learning & deep analysis: the interplay between neural networks and complex system simulations
  • Facilitator: Emile van Gerwen (ESI)

S6 The future of learning in high-tech industry

W1 Interactive workshop on domain specific languages (DSLs)

W2 Interactive workshop on performance architecting and engineering