Domain architect development programme

Fast track to system architecting 

System architecting is a core competence for high-tech companies, as the impact of alternative design concepts and related trade-offs on both business and product success can be huge. Developing a system architecture is a creative process in which many different technical and non-technical stakeholders are involved. Architects play an important role in this process as they are responsible for the design concept and strategy which will guide engineers in later phases of development.

Industry has an urgent need for architects who are capable of leading product development at a strategic and system level in a complex high-tech business environment.

Domain architect development programme

The ESI ‘Domain Architect’ development programme is for senior engineers who want to become architects. It helps them to advance their architecting skills and incorporate architecting responsibility on a subsystem level or in a specific technology area.

The programme pays extensive attention to developing relevant personal skills and leadership qualities. It enhances capabilities in aligning design choices with product, market and business drivers.

Programme information

Overall objectives

  1. Advance system architecting skills by developing an understanding of state-of-the-art system engineering approaches
  2. Develop insight into architects’ tasks and responsibilities, and the way architecting processes are set up
  3. Develop and practice the personal skills required to operate as an architect at this level

Joris van den Aker

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“Passionate about competence development and innovative learning concepts in high-tech industry.”

Programme description

This development programme combines theory with practical work and private coaching. The current projects that students are working on within their own companies are used as the basis for the training.

Key topics include:

  • Technical leadership
  • System thinking and trade-offs
  • System behaviour (e.g. performance and reliability)
  • Architecture assessment
  • Architecting in a product life-cycle context


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