In-company programme

After a thorough intake with senior management, the participants work in teams on one or more company-specific product innovation cases.

The teams are coached by industrial experts with extensive experience in high-tech system innovation. Teams are expected to present their insights and result on a regular basis to senior management.

It is possible to combine face-to-face learning with online learning activities. A blended learning format meets the demands for efficient learning and training for professionals, under the pressure of job duties.

For an example of a blended training course we refer to the course 'Architecting for Business Value'.


Typical goals of our in-company development programmes are:

  • to accelerate product innovation in the early phases of product development
  • to create insight in possible design strategies, related choices and the consequences for market, product, technology and organisation
  • to create a common understanding and way of working

Key topics

  • Business & innovation context
  • Customer application domain
  • Value proposition and key differentiators
  • Architecture & Design in a multi-stakeholder environment
  • Technical leadership in a highly innovative and changing environment

Programme information

Programme set-up

  • An in-company programme consists of multiple two- or three-day workshops
  • The workshops are highly interactive and tuned to company-specific cases
  • Lead time is four to twelve months

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