System Architecting

Target audience

This course is targeted at designers and system engineers with multiple years of industrial experience who have the ambition to become a system architect.

It is also targeted at those who intensely cooperate with the architect, such as project leaders, product managers, and group leaders.


The course is based on a specific vision on the role of a system architect: a system architect is responsible that a system fits in the context and that a system has a sound design. In order to reach this, the architect collaborates with many other people in the product creation (e.g. project leaders, product managers, and more specialised engineers). The architect needs a significant amount of technical and non-technical know-how and a lot of skills to perform this job.

The objective of the course is to provide course participants understanding of their responsibilities and how to align these in a broader organisational and business context.


The course follows the principle of viewpoint hopping. Time boxing is applied: a suitable amount of time is reserved for each viewpoint, typically half a day. The following viewpoints are covered:

  • Tasks and responsibilities of architects
  • Basic reasoning ( the CAFCR framework: functional view)
  • Basic reasoning ( the CAFCR framework: conceptual and realisation views)
  • Basic reasoning ( the CAFCR framework: customer and application views)
  • Cross-view architecting
  • Business processes and organisation
  • Product families and platforms

Way of working

The course involves a significant amount of activity by the participants to work on an architecture case. It combines theory with practice in realistic case studies. Participants are invited to bring in their own experiences.

Our courses are regularly updated to include new material and incorporate attendee feedback. This course contains the latest results from the TNO-ESI research projects, for example, the A3 approach, and a new architecture case around a wireless connected camera.

For more detailed information on the structure of the course, click here.

Course details

Course setup


4 days

# Participants:

minimum 9, maximum 16

Reference No.:

TNO-ESI 2.20

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Location & costs


De Rondom 1 (TU/e campus)
5612 AP  Eindhoven
The Netherlands


€ 2.200 / person excl. VAT)

Costs are for time-frame Jan. 2014-Dec. 2014


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  • dr. ir. Eef van Heusden - Amplify IT
  • prof. dr. Gerrit Muller - TNO-ESI
Joris van den Aker 

+31 8886 65 414



Payment & Conditions


A confirmation of order and an invoice will be sent.


Cancellation of participation can only be made in writing (letter, fax, e-mail).

When cancellation is made more than one month before the start of the programme € 150,00 administration fee will be charged.

When cancellation is made less than one month before the start of the programma, there will be no refund of the course fee.

It is allowed to nominate someone else to attend in a participant's place, provided that ESI is informed in writing at least one week before the start of the programme. It is not possible to change your participation to a different date.

In case ESI cancels the programme, the full fee will be refunded.