Software Architect
competence development programme

Intended for software architects in the high-tech (embedded systems) industry, to advance their software architecture craftmanship skills.


  • to develop an understanding of the difference between functional and non-functional requirements, the difference between typical software engineering and software architecting activities, and the different roles they fulfill during the different phases of the software development cycle.
  • to create awareness of most relevant system impacting qualities (the so-called ‘ilities’) and how to identify them, and use proven techniques (e.g. modularity, design patterns, ...) and approaches (guidelines, methodologies, architectural patterns, component driven development) to address them.
  • to develop the ability to transform function-oriented software driven by non-functional requirements.
  • to train abstract thinking, required for modelling and architecting.
  • to xxxx personal capabilities, strenghts and weaknesses
  • to train participants in organising their work according to commonly understood guidelines, including stakeholder communication and accountability for architectural choices, ensuring that a commonly understood language/terminology is used.

The programme will pay extensive attention to:

  • the combination of the right level of theory and exercises on the software architecture fundamentals
  • anchor lessons learned by applying them into practice on an appealing (and realistic) assignment
  • show how to apply software architecting in the candidate’s domain by using relevant industry cases


  • Theory and exercises in group sessions, about 1 day/month
  • In between the sessions participants work on one ‘appealing’ assignment
    • the assignment will be set up on built-in learning moments, including changing requirements during the course of the programme
    • participants must continuously apply lessons learned to improve their deliverables
    • participants must deliver working software as proof-of-concept
    • the same assignment will be used for all participants, enabling peer reviews, progress presentations, and a final assessment.
  • Workshops on cases illustrating industrial practice
  • (optional) Apply software architecture skills in a realistic domain case from the participants own professional environment, coached by TNO-ESI
  • Total lead time of the programme is 1 year, including preparation and final assignment

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Total lead time 1 year

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ESI 1.40

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High Tech Campus 25
5656 AE  Eindhoven
The Netherlands




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Cancellation of participation can only be made in writing (letter, fax, e-mail).

When cancellation is made more than one month before the start of the programme € 150,00 administration fee will be charged.

When cancellation is made less than one month before the start of the programma, there will be no refund of the course fee.

It is allowed to nominate someone else to attend in a participant's place, provided that ESI is informed in writing at least one week before the start of the programme. It is not possible to change your participation to a different date.

In case ESI cancels the programme, the full fee will be refunded.