Overview of courses

Course: the role of the architect

Architecting for Business Value

This course is designed for system architects who should have knowledge of architecture and of the impact of marketing and business on product and technology. These architects work in companies developing complex high-tech systems. It is a blended learning course with face-to-face and online lectures. Read more

Course architecting for system performance

Architecting for System Performance

A 4-days course for software and hardware designers and architects who need to understand performance on a system-level scope and/or are involved in system design trade-offs. A professional experience of 5 years or more in software development for embedded systems is required. Experience with CPU performance limitations and/or trivial device drivers and/or development of operating systems is preferred. Read more

Course software architecture

Software Architecture

This course is designed to provide participants with concepts, techniques, and lessons from experience, that will help them to be more successful in the architect role. The software architecture discipline will be approached from three primary points of view: architecture, architecting and architects. The course is targeted at architects and senior system design engineers. Managers of architecture teams will also benefit. Read more

Course software architecture

Mastering Systems Integration

The course Mastering Systems Integration discusses multiple perspectives on systems integration. The dominating principle underlying the course is that unknowns and major uncertainties need to be found as early as possible to mitigate system and project consequences. A good subtitle of the course is ”Architects meet Project Leaders meet Reality.” Read more