Innovation- and design strategy are key topics for any high-tech company. Realisation of these topics requires technical top talent with in-depth understanding of the challenges and needs of today’s high-tech product innovation. Our training programmes support the participants in developing their architectural and overall professional competencies.

Competence development programme

for system engineers and architects

The development of latest high-tech solutions not only requires specialists in specific areas of expertise, but increasingly also engineers with system-level and architectural competencies. System architects and engineers must have insight in the complexities of the market, translate overall product objectives into technical solutions, address design integration across disciplines and ensure that the product’s functional and extra-functional requirements are met.

Competence development


To create added value for the company, as well as the individual participant, we developed the‘industry-as-classroom’ concept. This educational concept combines real-life industrial product innovation cases with on-the-job training, latest theory insights and personal coaching.

Programme focus

Architecting for Business Value

The ESI competence development programme focuses on the advancement of a carefully chosen mix of professional capabilities:

  1. development of system-level architecting competencies
  2. better alignment of design choices with product, market and business drivers
  3. development of the relevant personal and leadership skills

Programme range

The programme comes in three varieties:

Education concept


‘Industry-as-classroom’ is an educational concept used to develop the professional and leadership competencies of industrial engineers and system architects.

It combines teaching of the latest know-how from the embedded systems domain with practical training in ‘real-life’ cases from the student’s own professional environment. It also involves sharing and exchanging experiences with colleagues from other high-tech industries.

Based on this approach, a student’s industry becomes the ‘classroom’. This guarantees relevant and highly effective new skills that can be applied directly to the student’s specific area of work.

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Programme range

The TNO-ESI competence development programme comes in two varieties: