Innovative ways of working

Technology as knowledge multiplier Industry as laboratory Industrial landing fields Industry as classroom

Technology as knowledge multiplier


Industrial landing-fields


ESI has purposely chosen to build up knowledge on specific technology areas that act as a breakthrough enabler for innovation in multiple application domains.

This approach allows for the creation of a significant knowledge multiplier across a wide variety of industrial and societal domains.

Our ‘industry-as-laboratory’ research concept integrates academic research challenges and industrial application into a single research programme.

Strategic research topics are combined with breakthrough scientific research to develop solutions that can be applied in industrial practice. Following this approach, industry can deploy the latest scientific know-how and expertise, while academia can validate its research in the complexity of industrial practice.

The ‘landing-fields’ concept is about successfully transferring research findings into industrial use. The key goal is to ensure that newly developed technologies are actively adopted by industry.

In the landing-field approach, ESI works with industry at three simultaneous levels: on the technology itself, on the system architectural consequences and the required organisational change process.

‘Industry-as-classroom’ is an educational concept used to develop the professional and leadership competencies of industrial engineers and architects. It combines teaching of the latest know-how with practical training in ‘real-life’ cases, where a student’s industry becomes the ‘classroom’. This guarantees relevant and highly effective new skills that can be applied directly to the student’s specific area of work.