Our ‘industry-as-laboratory’ research concept integrates fundamental research challenges and industrial application into a single research programme to create breakthrough research in the area of embedded systems technology.

Some examples of our research projects


Composable embedded systems for healthcare

Constant requests for additional features, performance improvements and a wider range of configuration option is driving up the complexity of the embedded software in many types of high-end systems. Read more


Predictable real-time behaviour of complex embedded mechatronic systems

The need for higher performance, more variability in usage, improved serviceability and reduction in the cost-of-ownership, drives a continuous need for optimization of complex mechatronic servo systems. Today’s product development methodologies only restrictedly address these needs, such as for accurate predictions of real-time system performance. Read more


Dependable cooperative systems for maritime safety and security

Efficient monitoring and management of maritime activities is a critical task for all coastal states. It is necessary for collision avoidance, enforcement of fishing policies, pollution control, deterring criminal activities, guidance in cases of bad weather, etc. The challenge is how to do this effectively with a minimum of resources. Read more

Octo+ Design Framework

A road to virtual product development

The quality and cost-effectiveness of the product innovation process for high-tech systems can be much improved through the introduction of a ‘virtual prototype’ of the integrated product. Such an approach, when supported by appropriate software tooling, can significantly reduce the number of design and implementation cycles. It will also reduce or eliminate the need for physical prototypes. Read more

Octo+ Design Space Exploration

Model-based support for product family design

One of the key challenges in designing complex high-tech systems is to make the necessary trade-offs between system qualities. Examples of such system qualities are performance, reliability, robustness and output quality. Usually, the design of a new system is not a greenfield activity; it typically builds on existing design assets or product platforms. Read more