Colloquium engineering process of on-board critical embedded systems

by prof. dr. ir. Joost-Pieter Katoen

Date:           Monday 14 May, 2012
Time:           17.00 -18.00
Location:      Embedded Systems Institute, TU/e Campus, Laplace-building 0.10

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Formal verification and performability analysis in the aerospace domain: an experience report

The engineering process of on-board critical embedded systems involves a wide range of diverse approaches and techniques for system-level aspects such as functional correctness, dependability and safety, as well as performance.  Establishing these properties in a trustworthy manner is a highly challenging task.  This is severely complicated by the heterogeneous character of on-board systems involving software, sensors, actuators, electrical components, etc., that each has its own specific development approach supported by different modelling and analysis techniques.

In this talk, we will report on an attempt to develop an integrated approach for all aforementioned aspects. The key is a general-purpose modelling and specification formalism based on AADL, enriched with a rich palette of formal analysis techniques for all properties and measures of interest.  It is supported by an advanced toolset which is centred around state-of-the-art symbolic and stochastic model checking.  We present our AADL dialect, its main analysis features, and on the extensive evaluation of our approach in an industrial context.  We will also present our experiences with conducting this research in the context of several projects funded by the European Space Agency.

Prof. dr. ir. Joost-Pieter Katoen is full professor at the RWTH Aachen University in the Software Modeling and Verification (MOVES) group and part-time associated to the Formal Methods & Tools group at the University of Twente.

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