TNO-ESI symposium 2017

Managing complexity

in embedded systems engineering

ESI symposium 2017

Keynote: Complex to complicated – An appropriate and timeless (partial) evolution,
Dinesh Verma, Stevens Institute of Technology, SERC 


Keynote: Embracing complexity in the system challenge,
Paul Hilkens, Océ-Technologies


Opening and welcome

Frans Beenker and Wouter Leibbrandt: opening

S1 The fuzzy front end of product development

S2 Security: impact on connected systems


S3 Open source software for product development

S4 System architecting of complex systems


S5 Interplay of data and knowledge in system analysis

S6 The future of learning in high-tech industry

W1 Interactive workshop on domain specific languages (DSLs)

W2 Interactive workshop on performance architecting and engineering